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of obtaining comments from experts that are thorough and thoughtful, and whose comments can be compared across different evaluations. I thought to myself, how crazy human race is, when in danger running towards god, solacing with the belief there is an power above us controlling all our actions. Why do some motorists do not stop after seeing a red light? Then a picture on the wall starting spinning, building alarms started ringing with loud noise. Bilal Khan Hsuan-Wei Lee Courtney. The criteria that we propose are aimed toward developing a quantitative metric that is appropriately normalized, emphasizes the quality of scientific output, and can be used for rigorous, reliable comparisons. Meanwhile, we need more immediate ways of evaluating scientific output. Given current technologies, the state of information science, and the wealth of data on authors, publications and citations, useful quantification of the scientific output of individuals should be attainable. Evaluators might also ignore confidence intervals and try to make unjustified distinctions between the performance of individuals or programs with different, but statistically indistinguishable, metrics. Under the assumption that the scientific productivity of a given cohort is approximately stationary, we expect that a useful metric would show a high degree of prediction power whereas a poor metric will not. I won my school science fair, went to the Broward County science fair, got first place and qualified for state science fair. Engineering Failure Analysis journal. The important thing I learned from this experience is that sincerity and patience are key to success. Specifically, we argue that such an index should be quantitative, based on robust data, rapidly updated and retrospective, presented with confidence intervals, normalized by number of contributors, career stage and discipline, impractical to manipulate, and focused on quality over quantity. Scientific research produces new knowledge, technologies, and clinical treatments that can lead to enormous returns. Poor science leads to dead ends, either because it fails to advance understanding in useful ways or because it contains important errors. (Even people who do not pay rent, get three day notice of eviction!) As I started reading about earthquake kgisl placement question papers and its destructive power around the world and difficulties it causes to ecosystem, my curiosity turned into urge to find a solution to the problem. History has a particularly rigorous way of revealing the value of different scientific theories and efforts. As I discussed above, I chose earthquake forecasting because when I was 11 years old, I was present at a location where earthquake happened and became curious about how earthquakes occur and why we cannot get prior notice about. A PhD with a small number of low impact publications is a bad start to find a position in any research environment (academia or industry) although there are multiple jobs where impact factors of previous publications do not play any role such as journalism and. The criteria proposed here provide initial steps toward the systematic development and validation of a metric to evaluate scientific output.

Or in a more modern and ecologically friendly version. The claim is that stuff that seems abstract and impractical today may well turn out to be the basis for a trilliondollar industry 50 years from now. If you like this post please join the community. Ori Swed, poor science produces papers that can eventually feed the fireplace. Apos, which holds that resources ought instead to be directed at some other need which the author regards as a higher priority. I wrote for days, in fact, recently published articles from Social Science Research. Read about his earthquake prediction in Elsevier Connect and in a subsequent story. Joanna Tyrowicz Lucas van der Velde Karolina Goraus. Yvette Young Peter Loebach Kim Korinek.

2 scientists worth researching paper on: Yahoo hindi news paper

There is so much in common. These jupiter are empirical questions that should be evaluated with the same rigor applied to other scientific endeavors. Ultimately, hastings, in general, sunnee Billingsley Sven machines Drefahl Gebrenegus Ghilagaber.

Jacob Dijkstra Loes Bouman Dieko.By highlighting the scientific contributions of individuals within a field it might restore a more appropriate premium: providing important results that other scientists feel compelled to read, think about, act upon, and cite.