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3 dimensional paper presentation boxes

both by, say,.05 and you have.2:.1. 4 Fold back the edges lengthwise along the nearest crease. 2 Fold the paper in half diagonally, then unfold. But regular scrapbook paper works well, too. Step 11: Turn down the tips on the flaps. Step 13: Fold creases in the little side flap. Each flap should be three layers folded on top of one another in a Z pattern. Which were not needed as the boxes are easy to make. That was easy, right? Cut from this mark along the line all the way to the edge of the paper. Step 14: Mod Podge the side flaps. 5 3 Fold each corner into the center. Take the lid board and align the the pacer along one edge. In addition to paper, you'll need scissors, a ruler, and glue. Step 5: Fold in all four sides to meet at the center point. Its starting to look like a box now isnt it? This is what it should look like when youre done both. Ensure that you pull it tight to that the corners are forced together. If you want the triangles to stay perfectly flat, you may need to tape them down. You may need to reinforce the crease to get the sides to stand better. Line up the bottom outer edge with the crease. Turn the boards over so the unlined bhu ba entrance model paper side is facing upwards. Either use square paper, or measure and cut the paper so each side is the same size. Recommendations Audio Contest 2018 Optics Contest Plastics Contest. Method 2 Making an Alternate Rectangular Box 1, choose your paper. This will give the new side four sections.

Check that the japanese origami paper doll making kit lid fits over the base as expected. You should have a straight edge amanda morris international paper along the bottom. You are looking to cut half way through the board so that the side can be easily folded.

The paper box is perfect for a little gift at Christmas or Mother s Day.From King Kong Design Really interesting 3, d Paper, projects.Diy, paper BoxPaper Box, tutorialDiy.

3 dimensional paper presentation boxes

Mod Podge is just a thesis posterboard examples glue but is also used as a sealer for a bunch of awesome projects. Itapos, this will help to avoid accidentally cutting all the way through the board. S best to use cardstock or another type of thicker paper for these boxes.

I've added some bonus images to this step to highlight how the edges should look.If using patterned paper, make sure the pattern is on the inside.