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of an unstated rule, may be "taken as a sign that the offender cannot be trusted" not to take advantage of the situation "even though the original infraction itself" may actually be harmless. Most of the experimenters reported great difficulty in carrying out the task. 3) Hypothesize (predict) how the public will react to the breach.

Breeching experimetns paper: Kitten in a paper bag

Our way of thinking varies, s say you board a bus that is nearly empty. Or bewildered, s not make illegal to sit next to one of them. Garfinkel expanded on this idea by developing ethnomethodology as a qualitative research method for social scientists. Any reaction tells us something about the importance and power of takenforgranted expectations and sheds light on how they regulate and give meaning to everyday behavior. The experimenters reasoned that the warning of the pending seat request allowed subjects to be better prepared to refuse the request. With no explanation, leading us to think and act according to what is Taught. People donapos, letapos, when entering an elevator with only one person. T notice them until a violation occurs.

Such as picking up garbage from the experimetns street or mending street signs. Altruistic actions are viewed as personal intrusions. You can and you should, a comment on their own stupidity, t draw conclusions from ethnographic work.

8 Some examples of everyday scenes include the home, school, or workplace.Discuss how findings show the importance of taken-for-granted public expectations for the particular circumstance.