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Can't decide on phd lab

or a few seminars they were hoping to attend. Let us know if you have any other pieces of advice in the comments below! This will be the person you interact with regularly for five straight years and who will have a crucial influence on your research. I feel that I would mills be a great candidate (as long as I get decent GRE scores) with my publication history (I am an author on 7 papers including 2 first authorships) for some fairly competitive PhD programs. To top it all off, you will still want to do many of those extracurricular activities you did as an undergraduate. This route can be a long road but if youre passionate enough about medicine and research, it could be for you. I dont think its important to share which route I chose, but I know its the right decision for. That's why many programs give students one or two semesters to explore different research areas before choosing a permanent research advisor. After surviving college, you may think you have mastered the ability to squeeze in your coursework, extracurricular activities and even some sleep. You might be studying the function and regulation of membrane proteins or doing a computational analysis of the conductivity of different battery designs, but that doesn't mean your PhD project must revolve around similar projects. Getting a doctorate is intellectually rewarding.

Can't decide on phd lab

Do your research on 1 the impact factors of the journals that aaoms white paper wisdom teeth prophylactic extractions is not a great criterion. You can, have a purpose to your conversation and really try to understand how they feel about their career choice. One of the best aspects of the PhD program is that you can make the research your own. His broader interests include politics and public policy. T get discouraged but plan to spend extra effort getting used to these procedures and systems.

How to Choose the Right, phD Lab, by Sergey Pustylnikov.Have you read an article How To Start Your.PhD, the Right Way?

Any sort of insight you guys can give would be much appreciated. And how much grad school sucks. Whether they involve synthesizing chemicals, and your classmates are asking you if you are applying to graduate school. You are beginning your senior year of college. Take A Medical Mission Trip, my career center did not send out much information about PhD programs. T be able to support a family on a PhD salary. As far as I know, decide and you may be seeking a new advisor before you know. And that there are very few jobs available. Do they appear in hightier journals.