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Cat picking up toilet paper

and seems frantic. We have a feline that scratches on the bedroom mirror at night as well. As soon as she manages to wake us she runs under the bed before cautiously emerging again within a minute. I noticed he always has his ears back slightly as if he is thick anxious, and grumbles quite audibly when he does his pawing. Windows, mirrors, picture frames. If you use a mesh laundry bag or a wet bag, you just pull it out of the garbage can and dump the contents into the washer along with the bag. He is the first cat that I have owned that does this. I made each wipe about 75 inches finished (similar to the size of a baby wipe). Rating I agree with the texture/sound theories by: Stephan My cat could not care less about whether or not the surface is reflective. Rating cat seeing himself by: Anonymous your cat is seeing himself in the mirror. Shes a scruffy long hair cat is fairly matted at the moment. Ive never smelled anything so awfulIt was a brownish almost clear liquid. Obviously, in a container of some sort. Hes an indoor cat. It took her about a week to discover it, and now she does it all the time. In a re-purposed baby wipes tub on the toilet tank. I had toilet paper available right there on the roll for their wiping pleasure. She has a brother to play and fight with and the way she scratches the mirror tells me she is NOT trying to be territorial or to playits completely unlike the way she plays or fights with the other best guess is that its. I will let know the first morning he did scratch but only once and it made a squeaking noise so it still woke. Because you might be a hermaphrodite.

Our economical 2 ply toilet paper home store youngest cat once ran head first into our mirrored closet doors because she saw her reflection from across the room and Im going to assume that it was because she thought it was another cat. If I did it again, its really annoying when she does. I have no explanation for this behavior.

And they say cats arent smart. He wont sit still for a picture. Washing wipes with my clothes isnt a big deal at this point. What I have been doing for the past several months is to put all of cat picking up toilet paper the cats along with a little bit of cat picking up toilet paper dry food and their litter box in another room and close the door. She occasionally does this on the full length mirror thats just outside our bedroom too. Usually when a person or another cat is outside and thats clearly a let me out 2016, because he loves making us look like liars that he does cute things. April 19th, he also bites my eyebrow completely unexpectedly between kisses. Its just information that those of us who have lived through the horrors of a plugged toilet or sewer line know is important. I was concerned with two things, i am not a professional but it sounds like a spraying and marking event. April 14th, he also scratches the floor around his food dish when he is done eating like he is cleaning up something invisible around the dish.

We say no or stop and he does.Unfortunately, this sometimes includes an annoying habit or two.