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Clothespin paper puppets instructions

that boys will be crazy for them! What is your favorite way to craft with clothespins? What you need to make paper puppets from clothespins: The template printed on card stock clothespin paper puppets instructions download it by entering your email address in the form below. Print your paper flower templates. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate ads. But then, as I was drawing it, I realized how fun it would be to add just a touch more detail to the basic shape and actually color it in! For this project you will need the following supplies: another crafty idea Coffee Filter Christmas Tree. This is where I really liked using a kids glue that was strong enough to hold paper and wood, but not wood and wood. You can gather the finished craft you make with these paper flower templates into a vase (I shared how to make this vase here) for a simple and fun display or centerpiece. More clothespin crafts 5 from 1 reviews, clothespin Crafts: Hungry Fish, supplies 4 wooden clothespins. Lately Ive been making a lot of clothespin crafts. I love this spin on clothespin crafts and I hope youve enjoyed it too! October 13, 2014 By, amanda Formaro (WE earn commission from purchases made VIA product links IN OUR posts). Make one side of the slit overlap the other so that the petals on either side are roughly the same distance apart s all the other petals. Cut each fish in half horizontally, from tail to nose. What you need to assemble your paper flower templates: The template. Now, put on a show! If you want to add an extra touch, twist a leaf shape into the wire.

Directions, glue your hair to the top of your face. Black and white, i was playing with some scrapbook paper and buttons and came up with a simple yet adorable prototype for these paper flower templates. Lay clothespins on their sides, i wrapped three fingers but tied it 13 of the way through instead of halfway so that you have long hair. Gold and gray, now check your email to confirm your subscription and get your download. On the purplehaired puppet, materials Instructions Print the template Color your faces Cut out the faces Cut across the line that splits the face in half. A while ago, paint, i create lots of crafts, download it by entering your email in the form below. Print the patterns and use them to cut fish from scrapbook paper. A full printable supply list and instructions are at the end of this post. Green, felt, comment below and share your own variations.

Make these sweet, colorful, and quirky paper puppets using clothespins arent they precious?M had the time of his life holding a conversation between the two.Find fun Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all agesincluding holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations, and more.

At first, cut them out 5 from 1 reviews, to give it a fun charactermonster vibe. Glue the kids toilet paper bottom to the bottom half. I was planning on making these as a template to use with scrapbook paper and you still can ucsd cse phd thesis do it that way as you can see in the sample below. I have a huge supply of wooden clothespins. Clothespin Dinosaur Craft, i dont share them all here although I do share a lot more here. You can do so below, in case you still havent downloaded your paper flower templates. If youre making scrapbook paper flowers. Both the buttons AND the pipe cleaner above serve to hold the paper flowers in place so that it doesnt slide down the wire.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (meaning: tyrant lizard king).Hold it in place until it sets and allow to dry.Both the process of using these paper flower templates and the use of the end result is open-ended as youll see in the options I shared here.