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Cut piece of paper to walk through it

works pretty well as a lot of the thinking is done for you (also, depending on your country, it should be out of copyright).

cut piece of paper to walk through it Here are a few other pieces I have made. People Who Read This Also Read. For some reason this stops me missing the forest for the trees.

Scalpel, no matter what sized shape you choose. When you have finished, a 10 x 10 cm square has a perimeter of. You should have a zigzag of paper. And shaped start cutting straight towards the far side of the paper. About 1 cm from the left hand edge. Start this cut from the end where the sheet folds and continue toward the other side. So it goes around you twice. If there are enough baby cuts, or putting the cuts closer together try 5 mm apart. The perimeter is large enough to go all the way around you in fact there are two edges on the strip of paper 95 visits today, fold the paper in half lengthwise.

If you look at the cuts youve made in the paper, it looks like a maze.Radiators in cars have many twists and turns to increase their surface area, so that they can get rid of heat coming from the engine of a car.What to do, fold a piece of paper in half like a book.