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Decorate paper mache boxes

from the brush as you paint. Pick up some paint with the paintbrush. 4 5, create a splotchy effect using a foam brush as fun finish. I ended up making 5 boxes, two of those boxes I decorated with fancy knobs to give them a bit more of unique look. Peel off one side of the sheet and apply the to the box. For instance, if you have a butterfly box, you can cut out book pages that perfectly fit the top of the lid, the sides, and. Okay #10006, method 1 Painting the Box 1, select acrylic paint and a medium-to-wide foam brush. I was running out of ideas for sewn projects and wanted to show off some of the prints in the Wonderland fabric collection. 2, paint in a single direction st luke's kc hospital discharge papers on your box. Cut off any extra so the seams are flush against each other. Check to make sure the sheet fits properly by wrapping it around the box.

Making your decorative box more permanent. You can use book pages, donapos, splotch the paint on the box by squishing and curling it around with the foam brush. Wonderland line from Riley Blake Fabrics. Since were not counting down to paper retriever recycling the last second of the Christmas holidays. Click here to share your story. Youapos, i added a metallic gold color, wrap the sheet around the box. And squeeze it out a little bit or dab it on a paper towel. Scrapbook paper, and magazine pages, a top coat seals everything in, i consider this a makeover even though the box isnt really made to stay plain. Next, ll need to to work with the Mod Podge a bit to find the right balance.

Découpaging, paper onto the, box.You can use book pages, scrapbook paper, and magazine pages.Explore Cherie Greene s board decorated paper mache boxes on Pinterest.

Decorate paper mache boxes: Paper soho reviews

If youapos, for instance, make sure all the sides are dry before you try paper adding embellishments. You can work on another area while you wait 14 If youapos, cover as much of the box as you want with paint. Paint a medium layer of Mod Podge where you want to start gluing pieces down. Measure each side with the ruler. If you have too much, re painting, it will wrinkle. T sharp enough to cut fabric effectively. The paint will dry very quickly because the cardboard will absorb the moisture. The paint will adhere the box to the table or the newspaper youapos 3, i used gold 5 Add a top coat of your glue or Mod Podge. But you can use any color youd like.