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Differentiated homework assignments

of students. The students complete graphic organizers together and respond to writing prompts or blog entries individually. Adams's students self-assess their performance on formative tasks and set personal goals for increased language fluency and proficiency; they also select homework assignments that will best help them achieve those goals. Choices can be individualized based on student need or interest. Use daily informal formative assessment strategies to monitor student progress and verify that students are demonstrating a gain in understanding of the skills and concepts.

Watch videos, students can go back to the answers that werent correct and try again. Etc, or work with supplementary materials before they read the chapter so they have a clear sense of the unitapos. Create cards that spell put the word homework. Wang encourages students to discuss multiple ways of solving the problem and to articulate their thinking as they work through the problem. Which of the generals leading this battle showed the most bravery. To identify what each only student research is ready to work on and plan instruction accordingly. Santos asks students to complete labs. Or similar rubrics with adapted scales. Use a variety of data assessment scores.

Making Homework Matter- Differentiate The Homework.Sep 11, 2011 by Whitney Hoffman.In our book, Jenifer and I knew wed have to address homework.

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Always moving towardand often beyonddesignated content goals. And inbetween learners, homework completion increased to more than 95 percent. In differentiated classrooms, this makes each student accountable for their peers. Even when it may seem too late in the year. Form Groups, and sometimes can he encourages students to select a prompt that interests them. Making certain that the learning outcomes that students need to demonstrate remain constant across options. Elliott asks all his students to select and read a biography of a famous person from the literature or history they have studied.