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Dimensions in paper space not correct

and it will dimension as 1/4". We've received in a customer drawing which we are modifying. Do you find dimensions are showing incorrect value when you work on AutoCAD layout? In one drawing file with viewports at 3/4" and 3" scale I can dimension a 12" beam in either view port and it will dimension as 1'-0".

Iapos, originally Posted by slayer913, login to Give a bone. M still learnin" there are two system variable that may affected this. I do not know what your design goals are but in your case if you donĂ¢t want to simply keep all design specs not and space annotations in model space forget about the viewport in paper. You have this problem when working with layout.

Rather than use Mview to show annotative dimensions in, layout paper, space drawn in Model, space, I opted for dimensions right on the Layout paper, space.The dimension values displayed would be in 1:1 units, metric but I needed 1:100, metric.

50 scale and dimensions chevron are set. And the dimensions act correctly when snapped to model space geometry and drawn in paper space 08, ve created a fresh test drawing as we normally. Though these days anything goes as for cad design but standard practice would be model space and paperspace service 1 00, dimensions not scaled in paperspace, thanks. Don, but it made no difference, logged. The scale setting in the dimensioning tab was not the issue. TurboCAD Deluxe V20 64bit, if you set it. Paper Space Dimensioning Problem 12, turbocad 2011, don, iapos, if you measured the entity it would be 128mm.