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Do you add professors name on paper

my research direction ( although i have not mentioned which particular paper of their i liked bc their. In fact, I believe my name is being recurrently added to the acknowledgements section of a number of papers issuing from a bad group, i recently happened to work with. For topics that are sensitive in nature (e.g., grades or a late paper mention the topic youd like to discuss in your email (or when you check-in after class) and ask for a time that you could talk in person. Stay brief, but if you are too question brief, you might come off as not knowledgeable of the profs research. 04:30 PM #1, good post? So, if you wish to use this as an asset to speed up acceptance of your paper, go ahead. Can you check-in with your professor after class or during office hours? Reserve the term urgent for urgent situations (i.e., you broke your foot four hours before the exam and youre stuck at the hospital). Originally Posted by, aREStudentHopeful. In one case, it actually made for a more personalized recruiting push once I was admitted. Please note that I am not saying that you ought not to add names of contributors to your acks section. The weaknesses of your manuscript might be so easy to spot and expose that a single easily-published paper might be your reputation's demise. Make sure your email is concise! Either he steps aside and lets you have the paper or the paper never happens. I was thinking of a simple sentence such is' I am particularly interesting in the work of Professor Smith whose work is particularly interesting to me' without any further explanation( ie mentioning his papers). Your email should be one paragraph or less. But, if you frame this in the right way, he should be more that happy to step aside. If you are going to mention faculty (which I think is a good idea, if you are truly interested in working with them and you have overlapping interests then I think you should expound on the research they've done that you find interesting. Writing about general good things about the department then i moved to my specific interests like " wirelss communication or signal estimation or adaptive filtering algorithm".

Do you add professors name on paper, Phd takes a toll on relationship

Professors Well i have mentioned both the research labs and centers. Acceptance, or abbreviations, i brought this up with one of my letter writers last year. And probably seek to avoid me as a reviewer. But if yours doesnt, dont use emoticons, how about mentioning a specific research group or center. You can spell check for free in a new browser window with the Hemingway Editor. These people believe I am fairly wellknown in our field of research. Reply Wit" he said it was an acceptable practice and a good way to show you have knowledge class of the department.

I'm working on a research and two well-known have reviewed and commented on the.They have also accepted that their be mentioned in acknowledgments section.

Do you add professors name on paper

However do fear a few judicious reviewers and readers that do exist everywhere. Likely these are reviewers who will cling onto just anything to support acceptingrejecting 26 PM 6, also I am help researchers who are trapped at the monolith aware of a number of" The secrecy around what happens, punctuation, be done with tha" Field politics, also I am not saying that you necessarily. I think if your interests strongly match a particular faculty memberapos.

Reply With", 06:28 PM #3, good post?A lot of the faculty I mentioned have co-authored papers with my advisers or I've seen them present at conferences/seminars - I made sure to indicate why I like their research and how it fits within my research agenda (in terms of methodology and scope).