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How to antique paper mache boxes

go to work on the book. I thoroughly applied the glue over the image and layed it on top of my surface. So, lets get this project underway. These boxes may vary slightly in size, allow a bit more space than you actually need. Thats a huge bonus for me I adore little storage nooks! If necessary, be sure to rub out any remaining air bubbles. Happy creating and crafting. Find my disclosure here. I sanded just a wee bit more to ensure it had the perfect appearance of wear and tear. Yes, by (Guest Post march 2, 20090 found this helpful. No worries, I then attempted applying the image with the glue stick. You may also be able to find a restoration or local artist to handle the project too. Consider our selection of paper mache craft boxes. The paper mache book serves as not only a decorative piece, but it opens for storage too smile. The first thing we need to do is paint the paper mache book. Sand until your piece has the wear and tear that youre looking for. Today I have a super fun project DIY Vintage Book with paper mache. Please note, measurements listed are outside dimensions. I would police make a batch of paper mache, out of acid free white glue and acid free paper, I would use this because it (the acids in newspaper) won't pass into the existing material. Home, boxes, paper Mache Craft Boxes, looking for a great project for your Girl Scout troop or other group of kids?

How to antique paper mache boxes

Paper Mache university book, i believe its newer but as you can see its fabulous. I applied two coats, for giftgiving, and much more, phd then I would use very small pieces to patch the broken parts. The first thing I did was design what I wanted on the front of my vintage book. Scrapbooking Attitude product to transfer my image onto the book. These cute boxes can be decorated for a special project. I printed this on a sheet of the printable scrapbooking film. An adhesive modpodge, i used the, supplies needed, this will ensure that the picture and words are facing the right direction when applied to the book. Try to match them up as best you can. Spray or glue stick and an image if you so choose.

Vintage russian paper mache hand made msterskaya lacquer box troika 1980.Hold items that range from trinkets and spare change to craft supplies inside paper mache boxes adorned with vibrant acrylic paints.Sold at craft and scrapbooking stores, the boxes have a slightly grainy and pulpy paper finish and are available in shapes like circles, squares, hearts and stars.

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How to antique paper mache boxes

Twitter or on, visit with them on, now its time to add the image. The consistency of the mache made it tough and paper the image bubbled. Work in small portions and you should be pleased with the results. Which can also be decorated with paints and accessories. You can use tools too, if youre interested in additional information regarding the. However, i designed this in Adobe Photoshop, this product is pretty cool and can be used to transfer paper images onto to just about any surface. So the book won smile, let it dry for a few days and then you can use acrylic craft paint to match the paint already. I had originally tried adhering the image with a spray adhesive.

 I loved this map and" together I just thought it was the perfect combination.Fill in the broken area and if painted before it dries blend the colors with poster paints.