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How to make a catapult out of paper clips

will need to be the size of the dowel, say 5. Hold firmly for 30 seconds for the glue to set. Making a popsicle stick catapult requires a few supplies. Slide the five sticks between the two that are held together with the rubber until they are about one half inch away from the rubber band holding the sticks of the arm together. 6 Create a throwing arm for your catapult. Experiment with different sized craft sticks to make larger more powerful how to make a catapult out of paper clips catapults. Question Does it work with heavy items? Wrap electrical tape around the outside of the clothespin where the spoon attaches. This will give the catapult some extra support.

So use caution when launching your catapult. Cut the paper slit about one inch to the side of the popsicle stick that is running through the bowl. Pull the popsicle stick back and let it snap forward. Question Does it work with candy. Warnings If a mini catapult is pulled back too hard. " by using our site, place a marshmallow in the end of the spoon. Upload error Awesome picture, you agree to our cookie policy. Now the larger piece will rotate plates about the base cylinder.

Just make sure the teacher approves. Insert the handle end of the spoon in between outline for a 10 page paper the two prongs and into the glue. Hold the bowl down on the table. Upload a picture for other readers to see. It may be easiest to understand this step by how to start off a philosophy paper watching the video. Using a hot glue gun and a sharp knife should only be done by a responsible adult. Gently bend it back, slide a popsicle stick all the way through the bowl. This will be used to stop the catapult arm from over extending. Probably no more than 45 feet at the most.

Then one cylinder should be larger, made by wrapping paper around one of the normal sized cylinders.Gather the items you need before you try to construct your catapult.