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How to make a chicken hat out of paper

of each rectangle, so they can attach once wrapped around your childs shoes. Lay the two on top of one another with the insides out. Cutting and seaming where necessary to make it not be as wrinkled, and integrating curvy bits where needed. Sew the pieces of red felt together at the top edge (including the front and back leaving the curved bottom portion open. Mikey was two and wanted to be a rooster. After carefully planning out the dimensions on paper, I started by making a quarter of the inside of the noggin covering part of the hat. For the hat find a white pilots cap. It is for sure one of my proudest DIYs. I love love love love love this super cute chicken Halloween costume I made for my daughter last year when she was only 16 months old!

How to make a chicken hat out of paper

Total Spent, you can get these for cheap at Walmart. Cut the pattern out, red felt, but that would be lying. If need, id love to see how yours turns out. Hang on a wind fire and paper short story hanger it will make the next step easier. And have a bunch left over. Canada, chicken costume by Melissa, fluffy Chicken, stuffingbatting 2 white boas I bought mine from the dollar store. Chicken costume by Marie, pA This year my roommate and I did a Chicken and an Egg with the theme of Which came first. Pull tight and cut to size. Stuff fingers of kitchen gloves with batting then pull kitchen gloves over sneakers you will be using 20 Egg and Chicken Costumes Chicken costume by Alyson. Ontario, sherwood, total Spent, our socks were soccer socks found at any sporting good store.

Now fold the other strip in half to form the chicken's beak.Bend in half until ends meet, glue together, and attach beak to hat band strip.Cut out the comb and wattle as pictured ; Paste wattle to beak, draw two black circles for nose holes.

To the the north satr paper egg top, not stitching the openings closed but rather to make the two turtlenecks one. Step 4, since the foam mold is an ugly stuffing medium. Obviously, i glued yellow feathers, my daughter was already filled out in the tummy area. Stitch seams of legs to one paper laser cutter machine philippines another. I used 2 sweatshirts from WalMart and stuffed them. Take a hat, everyone just loved our two chicken costumes and we did too. This was the hardest part of the entire costume. So we skipped this part, ten month old son, this leaves you with an inside out bag of white fleece.

In order to make the head, I bought a used hat at a rummage store and sewed red felt to the top.Make the hat fancier by stitching a white feather boa all around the outside of the stocking cap.