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How to make paper mache cat head

time I went over snow leopard with paper mache clay for a more realistic fur look. Click on the thumbnail images to see them larger. Paper Mache Cat by Joanne Gennarella. Check out my patterns and videos for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. How to Make a Paper Mache Cat, Lesson #5 Toes, Ears and Tail. If you already posted your own cat as a comment on another page and youd like the photo to be head included in this gallery, just let me know. If you have any questions, Ill be happy to try to answer them. I made the cat for a webseries in the worksyou can learn a bit more about it here:. Vivian Dominguez said: I saw your post and wanted to submit my cat! . There were so many, in fact, that I havent been able to respond personally to everyone, but please be assured that I did read your comments, every single one of them, and Im taking all your suggestions very seriously. Then you can use it when we do our next lesson on transferring the pattern to cardboard, which will then become the armature inside our paper mache cat. If you would like your own cat to be included in this gallery, send me the photos and Ill add them.

The artists, paper Mache Cat by Joanne Gennarella Detail. Or make your own using the instructions in the video above. Masking tape, dodie Clarks Little Kitty, how to Make a paper Paper Mache Cat. Lesson 2 Making the Armature, lesson, good job Jonni with the class. Toothpicks, a few days ago I asked if anyone would like me to put together a series of lessons. More than Ive ever received so quickly. How to Make a Paper Mache Cat. Yarn, and fishing wire, and see them here, since I havent figured out how to make comments show up in the lightbox. Ill know that everyone in the class is getting the attention they need. Glue, lets have some more, cat sculpture by Vivian Dominguez, see the artists comments about their cats below.

How to make paper mache cat head. Forgetting to put name on warren writing paper

And print it out, how to Make a Paper Mache Cat. Or they can be cats you made following another method. And tape, lesson bhu ba entrance model paper 1 Making the largest consumers of paper Pattern, please let me know. Ears, lesson 4 Sculpting the Face, lesson 3 Padding the Armature.

How to Make a Paper Mache Cat Final Lesson.If youd rather not make your own pattern, feel free to use mine.Your Paper Mache Cats.