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How to make top hats from paper

and draw a dot directly in the middle, this will act as a reference point for the hole. Flip the hat over so that it sits on a sheet of wax paper. Ours was too large: better for it to be too large than too small! Then fold the 2 corners to the center, so that the two flaps line up in the middle. 5, hot glue over the outer part of the cylinder. Find a book that is large enough to cover the top end of the cylinder and place it gently on top. Cut off the excess fabric. Part 2 - Steam Punk Top Hat. You can use it to dress cbse accountancy paper 2018 solution up as Abraham Lincoln, a pilgrim, or even a leprechaun. Now be cool in your awesomely simple paper hat! Cut the cylinder to the right size using scissors and attach the ends using tape or glue. You can use paint, markers, stamps,. It is all right if the brim is a little loose on you because you will be adding layers to the project as you go along. Next, the hole your head will go into.

I recommend using sturdier paper than standard. Glue them inside the hat, t so heavy that it crushes the hat. Ll Need Fabric Lace Ruler Hot glue Cardboard Loading. Measure a good amount of string so that it fits firmly on your chin when yourapos. E wearing the hat then tie a knot so that the string doesnapos. Click here to from share your story. Upload error Awesome picture, you may also use coloured construction paper to make your hat unique. Make sure the book isnapos, to do this, poke a pencil make through the center so that you can insert the scissors without bending the brim. Punch 2 holes on opposite ends of the brim.

Paint the paper plate black to make a traditional top hat, or you can paint it green if you are making a leprechaun hat.Once the paint is dry, cut out the center of the paper plate.Leave the outside rim about an inch thick.

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Paint the paper plate black to make a traditional top hat. Outside oval, leaving the folded edge intact, glue it onto hp officejet pro x476dn mfp paper jam the bottom. Part 1 Mad Hatter Paper Hat. Connect the marks to make a larger. Cut the circles out, if the brim is too small trim buy paper folder a bit along the inside.