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How to repurpose toilet paper rolls

get funkier and create a small print hammock for your supplies. Dont worry about how you will store it, just locate an area near the commode, shower or sink that could possibly be turned into a small storage area. Place a number of tubes open side up in a drawer and use these for storing socks and other small items. People can also add seeds to the paper to make plantable paper. Items can also be placed inside paper tubes for added protection. Instead of having it so obviously out in the open, conceal it within furniture so that no one is the wiser. The tubes make great puppets and can also be used to make animals. Remember-storage doesnt mean it has to sit on the ground either. DIY Instructions and Project Credit, theGlamCat. Self-Petting Station, i love my cat to death, of course, but she can be very demanding at times when Im busy working, cooking or eating. Some materials, such as empty toilet paper rolls, present plenty of opportunity for crafts and games. Embellishments can be added to jazz the napkin rings. DIY Instructions and Project Credit, eilenTein. Make Use of Empty Rolls, with a little thought, there are a surprising number of ways to recycle toilet paper rolls and other card tubes.

So for those times that I cant pet her. Here are a few tips on how to use toilet paper rolls to house seedlings. DIY Instructions and Project Credit, dIY Instructions and Project Credit, mount a small shelf above the toilet to store supplies. But they need that constant stimulation in play to keep them smart. What to Do with Toilet Paper Rolls. Napkin Rings, theHipSoiree more pics here, unwanted gift wrap would be ideal for this and will help to give the drawer tidy a more finished feel. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Make sure that the storage system toilet you select is something that you will easily maintain and keep.

If you need to protect your toilet paper rolls from overactive pets, or want a way to travel with tp without having it unroll, you can create a quick and easy toilet paper.Like newspaper, there is no need to throw those old toilet paper rolls.You can easily repurpose items like newspapers, toilet rolls, paper cups, old cans and cartons for the same purpose.

Design this storage system similar to the toilet paper hammock. Small Animal or Bird Toy, make this comfy and fun window perch so that toilet regardless of rolls whether yours is an indoor or outdoor kitty. Enjoy this collection of awesome DIY cat projects.