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Hw to beat red dot lava level on friv

of the room with a light arrow. Smack them down with multiple attacks from different heroes so you can take them out in a single turn, and give each of your heroes experience points in the process. Lyn and Cordelia have an expensive super move called new topics for paper presentation Galeforce that lets them take a second turn after an attack. Map out this upper left area of the room, then go back upstairs. Go up to the top of the room and go down the stairs. Keep right until you get past the first spike creatures, then press Y to move to the left. And speaking of stats. Once the ice disappears from around your screen, jump up and move to the right to exit this section. Switch Zelda into a different type of Phantom. Work your way up the ledges-dodging these enemies-until you come to a blue hatch to your left. You have to hit it twice in order to beat this section. Kill the Space Pirates within this room. Just imagine chopping off the wooden head of a lance with an axe, slicing past a short axe with a longer sword or spearing a sword fighter with an even longer lance if you need a memory aid.

T stray When possible, the door on the left side of the room will open. Use Yoshis flutter jump to get you to the third. Try not to adjust your direction between jets because youll phd loose altitude and youll need it all to get to the end. Have Zelda walk to the bottom of the room and have Link whip to the left side of the room.

How to beat the Darker Side challenge in Super Mario Odyssey.Plus, if you die at any point, you ll have to come all the way back to the first stage again.Shimmy to the right and, when you can, jump to the first red pole and then wait.

Lava enemies will reach out of the lava and fire at Samus. S shield, dodging left and right to avoid the boulders. Pull the left JoyCon back and wait until the moving fork comes over to the left and then let it fly. Just run onto the sand and the Warp Phantom will sink beat and not be able to catch Link. S just my strongest characters, when you can, it earns them experience points. Give yourself a pat on the back. S diversified to take on any foes.

The second to last section is the trickiest, as it sees you attacking your way through a mass of stone blocks.Start by going down the easternmost door.Fae, Nino and Sully can pull a friendly unit one space out of harm's way with the draw back ability.