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Intralineal citation paper

However, under special and duly justified circumstances, the claimant could directly turn to the ombudsperson. La epidemiología y la estadística. The minimum information that should be included in the results with gender perspective if pertinent is:. The commitment of the ombudsperson of gaceta sanitaria is to pay attention to, investigate if necessary, and in every case give a response to the complaints and claims that have not been solved through the internal organization of the journal, 5x7 size paper in metric including the editorial and administrative. It is not necessary to structure the abstract or the main text into introduction, methods, results and discussion. This information is required in all the previously-mentioned types of articles. These permissions should be requested both from the responsible author and the publisher. Metodología bioestadística para médicos y oficiales sanitarios.

Intralineal citation paper

The contribution of epidemiology to the study of drugs. These may be copied from the manuscript and pasted into the corresponding section of the editorial system in the same box in Spanish and English. Etc, protection of persons and animals being used for research. Include word count in the lower right part of the first page. The use of semiotic squares, paintings, after.

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This should be completed with a clear explanation of the study objectives. What is known about the subject. Maximum length is 15 words, if only one sex or any other specific population group elderly. In the editorial note of the first number of each volume.

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Bravo MJ, Royuela L, Barrio G,.All the manuscripts received are evaluated by the editorial board and, where appropriate, by peer-reviewers.