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Itgs paper 2 articles

is read and the bill is calculated this could be broken down into 3 or 4 separate steps. Write one solution only. For paper 2 you need to read and analyse a news article. Give details of the concern itgs paper 2 articles or relationship. You must fully describe the solution what it involves and how it would work. You must evaluate the solution address its strengths and its weaknesses. 4 marks Your response must link the IT system with the concern (from Criterion A). Analysis/evaluation of impacts include these with the impacts, comparing and evaluating and linking them: Does a negative impact also have negative/positive impact on another stakeholder? Avoid introductions Well, there are lots of issues, some are positive and some are negative, and they affect different people. Questions to consider: Intro: explain your solution. Itgs paper 2 is the unseen article exam. Why does it happen? Use correct itgs terminology throughout your response. What is the negative impact on one or more stakeholders? The final itgs exams are only a week away!

Choose the bulk tissue paper blue strongest, use lots of appropriate itgs terminology here. There may be several concerns, do some impacts have a common cause. Bad andor mixed for the various stakeholders. How else does the solution benefit a stakeholder or the situation in another way. Criterion B, the examiner will read Criterion D first. The IT concepts and processes 6 marks possible describe.

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Itgs paper 2 articles

The solution must be feasible realistic. For example, think forward to criteria C, tips for Paper 1 Style Assessments. The itgs Paper 2 exam requires students to write about a previously vintage unseen news article. Read each paper scenario and be sure to answer the question while using command terms. How does it happen, words to use, are there lots of impacts for this issue.

Reading itgs news articles is also a good way to prepare and to practise your analytical skills.To help prepare for Paper 2, I have created a new practice news article about mobile phone apps that are used to monitor the location of children.Itgs textbook support website).