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Make an indian costume from a paper bag

Inexpensive acetate thats usually used for lining garments works well to make your own sari. Native American Medicine Pouch - Many woodland Indians, including the Cherokee and Iroquois, carried a medicine pouch. Wear these costumes with the intent to honor the cultures they are pulled from, not to disrespect or mock them. All you have to do is wrap construction or decorative paper around a coffee can and attach with glue or paste. Imagine the thrill paper of capturing your first wild turkey! Here is a chance to recycle those tin cans into this fun totem pole and teach young people about our Native American heritage. Make some of your own! We used markers and crayons. BUT it doesnt have to be expensive or even take a terribly long time! A fringed leather belt can add an attractive touch to your costume too. If his or her arms do not fit through the holes, make the holes bigger. Once youve cut your line down the middle of the bag, and youve reached the bottom of the bag with your scissors, keep cutting so that a large hole is cut out of the bottom of the bag. Now add indian designs all around the can and cut cloth or paper fringes to wrap around the top.

Make an indian costume from a paper bag: Phd address nyc

Native American Picture Story This project was inspired by Lenni Lenape make an indian costume from a paper bag story make an indian costume from a paper bag telling. But a simple flat, measure out the paper to be about 25 cm9. Use 78 Records to Make a Bowl with Indian Design. It adds some extra reinforcement and will make your costume last longer.

For scouts, for school or just for fun - making.Making, indian, costumes out of Recycled.

Turn the holder pants inside out and sew along the pinline. Thanksgiving Indians Crafts Sand paintings were made as a way of paper chasing away evil spirits. Lenape Indian Bandolier Bag, repeating the action all the way around your waist. Choose a style of pottery from one Native nation to replicate. Sand Painting, pueblo pottery reflects many different regions and native nations. You will need a roll of paper to make this one. Measure the thickest part of the upper arm to determine how long the hole needs. Work quickly as records dry fast. Native American Rattle Craft You can make a simple yet beautiful Native American rattle from a twig.