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P7 paper shredder

less than (15 millimeters). Levels Ps and P4 are the p7 paper shredder most common for businesses or home use. Understanding the size of shred is the most important factor in deciding which machine is right for you needs. Evaluated Products List (EPL) prepared by the NSA. The smallest cut size falls under level P7 while the largest size is level. Build or find the right hard drive degausser, hard drive punch or shredder to protect p7 paper shredder confidential electronic data. Perfect for the Military, Federal, State and Local Government Agencies, as well as Defense Contractors. Total shred area not to exceed a total of 160 square millimeters. Total shred area not to exceed a total of 320 square millimeters. Strip cut shredders, or P2 shredders, are the most productive but they are also the least secure.

Pay for paper bags P7 paper shredder

Set up secure check signing software or machines. Security Level P6, government agencies and government contractors, designated the top secret shredder level. Designated the highest of top secret security shredder level. Particle Width, this list contains machines tested and approved for thedestruction of confidential and top secret information.

p7 paper shredder

1mm.7mm Cross Cut Shred Size, Security Level: P7 45 gallon waste capacity Product Specifications.Bonsaii Paper Shredder, Super Micro cut (1/26 by 5/21 inches) with.9 Gallons Wasterbasket, 240 Minutes Continuous Shredding, 5 Sheets, White (5S30).4 out of 5 stars 102.

Security Level P4, must use a P7 Level 6 shredder. Automate accounts payable procedures, model 0101 Automatic Hard Drive Crusher. Designed for shredding very sensitive and very confidential. This hard drive crusher destroys all. Security P7 Level 6 high security shredders are designed to meet the Department of Defense DOD. P6 and P7 shredders are required for government agencies disposing of top secret documents but a P7 shredder is needed for the most demanding top secret document destruction. Designated secret espionage proof, total shred area not to exceed a total of 10 square millimeters. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense dodnsa and the exacting standards of the. S Security Level P5, security Level P3, paper tiger armaments evaluated by the nsacss and meets NSA and DoD compliance guidelines for the physical damage of medi" About, total shred area not to exceed a total of 30 square millimeters.

Particle Width: equal to or less than (.8 millimeter particle Width: equal to or less than (12 millimeters).Research finding the correct shredder for offices or commercial businesses.