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Paper cone tree template

it all together and youre done! Customize the angel further by giving a decorative edge to her wings. Roll the paper into a cone shape and press the folded edge with the double-sided tape on it over the other edge, adhering them together. The options are endless! Time to break out one last Christmas craft, paper cone tree template a really fun and simple one!

Note, disclosure, now you can make an entire forest out of these paper cone trees. Glue stuff too them or cover with any difference between pages and papers kind of fabric. First youll need some square blocks of wood.

The day before Christmas Eve is always the hardest at our house.The kids have been out of school for a few days already, enough to have done all the activities at home, but its too close to Christmas to brave the traffic and people and go out anywhere.But its not close enough to Christmas.

Paper cone tree template

There baby gator backgroudn screening paper are many ways that this little angel can be adapted. The, simply cut a red hook cute paper store shape from the lacy edge of a paper doily and adhere this to the angelapos. Or link directly to these files. Use rubber stamps and other embellishments to decorate her dress.

Scotch Expressions Washi Tap e in the color and pattern of your choice.Secure with double-sided tape.On the pattern itself,  I have cut dashes/marks and scissors to show you exactly where to cut, how to cut, where to roll and precisely where to place your fabric.