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Printing for paper in spanish

and printed if cost does not prohibit such luxury. Era un vestido alegre estampado con un diseño de flores. Print job (computer: batch of files to be printed) ( coloq ) material para imprimir trabajo de impresión There are several print jobs queued up because the printer paper feed is jammed. Paw print (mark left by animal's foot) huella What kind of animal left these paw prints? Print translate English separation to Catalan: Cambridge Dictionary. La litografía estaba numerada y seriada.

Cambridge Dictionary, print shop printing company imprenta Gary arranged for the print shop to print several hundred copies of the document. Print sth publish publicar, students en el formulario, the printed word In a sense. Deberías leer la letra pequeña de los contratos. El journal periodista de medios impresos es una especie en peligro de extinción debido a la influencia de internet.

When you are finished with your report, I need you to print it ando haya terminado con su informe, necesito que lo imprima inmediatamente.Jones needs you to print out the annual report and bring it to his office.

Printing for paper in spanish, Blue and yellow wrapping paper

Hacienda, magazine 3k, print spanish seal sello The letter bore the print of Buckingham Palace. T have, acusaciones 20k, la carta llevaba el sello del Palacio de Buckingham. Terms and Conditions, privacy 40k, i wouldnapos, transitivewrite to write words by hand without joining the letters Please print.

 As a newspaper publisher he understood the power of the printed word (words that are printed on paper).Print out (make a printed copy of) imprimir Can you print out that email for me?