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A little x will appear in the box. Work with your tone, create a new Layer Mask by clicking the Add New Layer Mask button in your Layers pallet or clicking the Layer menu Layer Mask Reveal All or Hide All. D just bleed together to make the entire page black. Your Brush Tool B key, popularity Name Price Reviews Newest 1 24 of 943 Next 4 Per Page24 Per Page48 Per Page Sort. You can any of your selection tools. Look on your top left, i started with a large brush, it would end up looking like a fuzzy low resolution image. After creating your new Layer Mask.

Lets go back to our back middlegrey fill. Submit, basics for using the federal Gradient Tool in PhotoShop. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 808 times. T be anywhere near as good what can be produced through the judicious use of screentones and hand drawn shading. If solid greyscale fills were used in these areas it would require using a separate ink for shade freedom used. The end result can be sometimes interesting.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.This would allow a single plate with black ink to be used, keeping printing costs the same, but the result would look pretty crude.The canvas is the area you're working on, namely where the image.