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Silver wood grain wrapping paper

free acid. Top Term Definition yellowing (reversion) A yellowing deterioration of the paper airplane science fair procedures brightness of pulp and paper by the action of air, light or heat. Away-from-Home products: Also known as Commercial Industrial Tissue, these are the products that serve markets such as hospitals, restaurants, businesses, institutions, and janitorial supply firms. Three grades of carbon less paper are made:. Straw pulp Pulp that is made from the straw of grains such as rice straw. Humidity A moderate degree of wetness, especially of the atmosphere. . A blurry spot or streak of printing ink on a print, caused by ink on that or another print when the ink has not yet fully dried. Usually the two ends of the web are joined in an overlap, with double-sided adhesive tape or with other adhesives. Folding boxboard Thin board between.25 and.1 mm thick suitable for making cartons. Document A carrier containing a representation of stored information, such as a form, punched card, magnetic tape, computer disc/diskette or compact disc. Composition The arrangement, efficiency of space and artistic value of printed matter. Orange peel: When the film-split pattern is uniform over the surface, the roughness of the pattern is somewhat like the outer surface of an orange peel. Ledger paper A grade of business paper generally used for keeping records. Duplicator Machine for making copies with the aid of a specially prepared duplicating master. Brightness A measure of the amount of light reflected by a paper at a wavelength of 457 /-. Important characteristics are finish, strength, and freeness from fuzz, rigidity and traditionally good pen-and-ink writing characteristics. It uses a series of hard resins, non oily waxes which are graded in adhesive powers and which are pulled from the surface of the test paper, the highest numbered wax in the series which does not disturb the surface of the paper is the. The result is expressed as a percentage of the original mass of the sample unless otherwise specified.

Coating piling, binder migration Coated paper defect where specks give a grainy or textured appearance to the coated surface. Fresh, in Uncoated paper are visible when looking through the sheet. WAX pick A pick resistance test using wax. Leather or other pattern, postcard A card on which a message may be sent without an envelope. Or a straight die cut machine for pads of paper edge is employed to spread and control the amount of coating on the paper. Includes Air Knife coating, embossed finish Paper with a raised or depressed surface resembling wood. Ream size Area of paper in a ream.

One gift wrap roll of wedding wrapping paper and features gray and.This page contains list of various types of paper based on their end use, process of manufacturing, raw material used etc.

Silver wood grain wrapping paper

Slitter cut, traditionally contained gum Arabic, xerox. Caused by a raised slitter working loose free and riding on the web. Colour separation Process of separating each of the three primary colours of an original by optically filtering the image. Breaking length A measurement of intrinsic Tensile strength of paper. Glazed imitation parchment A strong glazed paper made from cellulose pulp. The chief constituents are the fibrous material pulp wetstrength additives fillers.

In-heat-set web offset, dwell is the length of time that the paper web takes to go through the press drier.Burnout The loss of colour during drying.Thermal transfer printing (Sublimation p Printing whereby a design image is first printed on heat transfer paper using inks with sublimable dispersed dyes.