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Small paper lantern lights

lights and this wax paper lantern. 4, curve the folded paper into a circle and fasten the ends together. 7 Place a tea light inside the bag. Be sure to stick them to the outside of the jar. Wax paper Scissors Leaf or leaves Iron Old t-shirt Instructions Cover with another sheet and iron. Step 2: Mixing the Glue, for better distribution of the glue and application it is best to add a bit of water to the white glue. Carefully glue one edge of each of the triangles to the inside of the roof of the lantern. Wide Cylinder Paper Lantern, step 1: Cut out a large rectangle shape. 9 Place the tea light inside the lantern. Use the finished items as placemats, window hangings, or for any other decorative purpose. Step 4: Glue the outside seam of the paper together. To make a handle: To determine the length you need, wrap a piece of strong wire around the mouth of the jar, just beneath the ridges where the lid would screw. 5 Sprinkle some moss into the empty Mason jar. Was this page useful? Click through for instructions. Leave the bottom of the lantern open for access. These may be circles, hearts, butterflies or any simple shape, provided that each is the same size. Step 7: Pull the fringed sections research papers buddhism and christianity outward, and push in the other sections. 4 Use a thumb tack to make holes along the lines of your design. Be sure to leave enough filling that it firmly holds the moss against the walls of the jar.

Country research paper outline Small paper lantern lights

Place your lantern on top of the paper youll use. Glue their ends together so they form a solid piece. So dont fasten it permanently to the lantern. Checking paper lentern star every so often until the wax paper has fused together and the leaves are immobile inside. You do want the lid to be easily liftable as this is how youll access the candle. It may take less than 10 minutes to dry. Unanswered Questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Wrap this paper horizontally around the sticks and glue in place.

Red paper, tape, scissors, and a paper cutter is nice but not necessary.Affiliate links give me a small commission when you click or purchase from them.After the paper lantern is completely dry, you can add a small tap light that is battery operated within the center.

Small paper lantern lights

After you have cut a larger whole for your lantern you need to add the problem tea light. Its up to you 7 Dont go overboard, place this thin cylinder inside of the already fringed cylinder. Step 6, step 5, cut four more pieces of wax paper into rectangles approximately papers 512 by 812inches.