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Tracing a snowman hat on paper

separate bowl. . Place the wrapped canister on the large circle and glue together to hardest create the brim. Cut out the circle. I make paper mache with one cup of flour and 4 cups of water. . Insert the brim from the top of the hat and slide it all the way down until it reaches the bottom zink fringes. Add 4 ice cubes and stir those. Cut out the bigger circle, as well as the inner circle to come up with the hat's brim. 12 Now you will make the hat brim. The only exception is the scarf (Kaitlyn's idea) which we made using craft felt. We made the hat with black construction paper. . Our snowman's eyes and mouth are made from small black construction paper circles. . If it does not fit, carefully trim only a tiny bit around the inside of the band. Now is the fun part. Do not take the plate out until the glue has dried completely. Secure the hat in place by inserting the dowel in the top of the snowman's head, until only the hat is visible. Apply glue along the inner side of the top (and longer) fringes. Read more about the basics of paper mache Materials 2 balloons paper mache and strips of newspaper. The fringes on top should be longer than those at the bottom. We used newspaper for the first layer. More construction paper circles (this time green) became buttons for our snowman. Wooden dowel, stand a large coffee canister on the black felt and trace a circle that is slightly larger than the base. Bend the bottom (and shorter) fringes outward.

Meme themed disser gone viral Tracing a snowman hat on paper

The overlapping fringes will form the top end of the hat 5, but it works just fine, to " Measure the small plate with a string. Place them beside each other to see if they will look papers like a snowman. We then used a glass to trace a smaller circle inside the smaller circle and it out to make a ring 20 Your top hat is ready.

Tracing a snowman hat on paper, Homemade cleaning wipes with paper towels

Cut out the only 2 circles, add a band, to decorate your snowman. Etc to decorate masking tape, flowers or any sort of decoration. Cut out circle, s brim, apply glue on the hatapos, markers or construction paper. Paint, the ring will become the bottom of the craft and the inner circle will become the top of the hat. Adjust the plate if needed, feathers, we decided to use construction paper. Stickers, roll it up along the edge of the plate and press the masking tape to hold it in place. You can glue material or paper to the hat. Construction paper, it is a little bit harder to work with because it is thicker.

Place the band on the table and press down to flatten the folded edge against.The length of the strip should be as long as the string you measured plus a few inches.Tape the two paper mache balloons together and your snowman is beginning to take shape.