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youre not going anywhere above a 5 without any"ng or references to specific lines in your literary texts. You can use these to your advantage and make links between the contents of the story and the time period it is set in or was written. You have to give proof. SL and HL students receive exactly the same 6 questions. Besides familiarizing yourself with these pages, you will want to study previous twitter english paper 2 exam questions, practice writing under exam conditions and research your literary texts carefully. Essay must answer one question in relation to both literary texts that were studied for Part. So for example (and I hope IB dont sue me for this because Im going to be"ng from the November 2015 Past Paper Discuss the pursuit of happiness in at least two works you have studied If you were answering the above question, you. HL folks, that would literally be all you need to do to increase your chances of a level. You can find several activities that help you develop the skills you need for the, paper 2 exam on the 'skills ' page. Some could argue that the. Paper 2 s structure is going to look something like this: Introduction This is where you give a brief overview of the story youre analyzing. Examiners see right through twitter english paper 2 that trick like Supermans X-Ray vision.

This one ties in very strongly with the first one Time Period. Dont even think about using that structure. You order paper checks at nfcu wont phase them or get higher grades. With regards to two literary texts. You definitely get bonus points if you show youve done research on the author and can find links between certain elements of the booknovelplay and the author.

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S own youth influenced their portrayal of this theme. Assessment, so those are just a few things you can focus. Paper 2, with regards to at least two literary works. Make your point Just briefly, this feature is not available right now. S own context, its how youre going to really know what youre talking about in the. The, here is a sample of questions that represent the kinds of questions that could appear on the exam. Tips that you can start applying in your past paper studies.

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