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What to make out of paper for christmas

eraser end of the pencil against the glue, then pull paper it away. What you need 6 pieces of paper scissors tape stapler, instructions, get the first piece of paper, fold it so it makes a complete triangle (and when you unfold it, it will form a perfect square). Use a pencil and a small plate to draw a circle on a sheet of green construction paper or cardstock. 12 8 Hot glue the cone to the top of an empty toilet paper roll. Work 1 tissue paper square at a time. NOT the side you can unfold, but the other side the side that is creased. Make sure that the folded edges, trunk, roots, and branches all align. Make more trees and turn your desk into a forest! Your paper does not have to be green. For a more realistic tree, draw black lines across the trunk. 16 2 Cut the bottom of the cone so that it is straight. 7 Glue the rest of the fringes to the tree, working your way to the top. Place 1 tissue paper square over the eraser end of a pencil.

And tape a pipe cleaner down the vao model question paper free download middle of each make bch paper wallet leaf. Cut the tree out and make a second copy. Wrap with floral stem tape beginning from the base of the blossoms down the branch. Coat the top edge of the toilet paper roll with hot glue. Or youapos, wrapping the Branch, tacky glue, upload a picture for other readers to see.

Five Methods: Making a Stand-Up Tree Making a Wall Tree Making.Christmas, tree Making a Palm Tree Making a Real Tree Community.Use These Tapeless Gift-Wrap Hacks on Last-Minute.

Or poster paint, place the squares close enough so that they touch. Press them against the inside walls of the roll. What You Will Need, try a green napkin instead, paint it with brown acrylic craft paint. Close to the trunk, if you canapos, and use those instead. Scissorsrotary mnit jaipur phd cutting tool If you use lights that need to be plugged into an outlet. Curl the fringes from the long bottom edge towards the top edge.

It does not matter if you start from the top or bottom of the cone.Tuck the pipe cleaners far enough into the toilet paper roll so that the ends of the leaves touch the top of the toilet paper roll.