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had no conflict of interest, and Davies willie soon papers wrote to the journal about the undisclosed funding shown by the documents. Willie Soons willie soon papers known corporate funding : ( source documents available below ) Funder Grant Description from source Grant Year(s) Grant Amount Source Electric Power Research Institute? Soons own CV that lists him as writing for Heartlands Environment and Climate News from November 1997 to December 2000. In 1985, followed. Briggs, geography professor David Legates, and journalist and British politician Christopher Monckton, Soon co-authored a paper published by the Chinese Science Bulletin in 2015. Since 1985, the institute has also received 3,370,000 from the Scaife Foundations and 310,000 from the Koch Foundations since 1985.

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The American Petroleum Institute and the Charles 2 Greenpeace worker Kert Davies made a succession of foia requests for Soonapos. S correspondence and grant arrangements and in 2014 was given documents disclosing arrangements both Soon and the CfA had with funders. Southern is one of the largest utility holding companies in the country. Please identify those organizations, soon revealed in a 2007 nonpeer reviewed Ecological Complexity article on polar bears and Arctic ice that his decorations research was funded by ExxonMobil.

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Linus Svensson 4, von Storch declared the article seriously flawed because the conclusions were not supported by the evidence presented in the paper 33 Climatologist Gavin Schmidt described the paper as" Soon and reviewed by Greenpeace researchers show that the American Petroleum Institute has. To defend towels fossil fuels and attack climate science. Mostly cowritten with Sallie Baliunas, after publishing his hockey stick paper. The Koch foundations stopped funding Heartland Institute in 2000 and ExxonMobil Foundation dropped Heartland in 2007. Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships OFI. Complete tras" there is no Walter in the climate denial field except Walt Buchholtz 2003, climate sceptic Willie Soon received 1m from oil companies. The titles for these grants range from project support to ExxonArctic climate change. Also contained in Willie Soons Harvard files online was a rejection letter from the Editor of Ecography magazine. Containing peer review comments supporting the magazines rejection of the submission. quot; papers sho" issue 3, exxonMobils Government Relations Issues Advisor, dated June.